Monday, March 21, 2011

Blessed from the Music Blog Hop...♫

Hello all just wanted to tell you I will be picking a winner for my blog candy soon hopefully sometime mid week I promised Miranda my violin player and beautiful daughter that I would let her help me pick a winner and maybe a few second and thirds stay tuned...Right now life is in the FAST LANE with three kiddos starting spring sports!!! and mom is trying to adjust...will be posting some more layouts I did this daughter and two of her friends and I dog and cat babysat at my parents house last weekend and it used that excuse to have a teen/mom slumber party and cropped till 5:00am I have so much fun laughing and sharing with Miranda and her friends...even Mackenzie my middle blue eyed blondie daughter hung with us for I all I need to do is be asked to a sports hop so I can showcase my other two kiddos and their talents... Good night all and will be letting you know mid week

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