Thursday, July 22, 2010

whoo hoo sign up for the August 28th....

sign up for my AUGUST CROP IS taking off and I am so excited I also think my up line (Gretchen) is coming to crop with US gonna be some "special" stuff happening at the NEST....I am so blessed♥

P.S. some of you have asked at my crops where I have gotten my Embroidered Crop T-shirts my mom Rebecca makes them that is her gift and if anyone is interested in a "scrap shirt" just bring a T-shirt to next crop...

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  1. OOh I would be interested in getting a shirt done that says "Fiskateer #6394" is that possible! If not, anything scrapbooking would be great! I will bring a shirt!

    My mother in law and I should be coming to the August 28th crop but she might have to work and she won't know until that week so count her in for now and I'll let you know week of. Also I think my MIL's Aunt Sue and cousin Lisa will be coming as well. Not sure if they RSVPd on facebook or not!